Herbalism is the practice of creating natural medicines that use natural herbs to heal the human body. One of the challenges is that each medication created must be documented.  The HERB Log app is a tool that records the medicine and develops a corresponding label. 



Course: Discovery & Invention Course at Georgia Tech

Team Members: N/A 

Duration: 1 month, completed December 2016 

Key Contributions: User Research, UX design, ethnography 


Tools: field research, sketching, wireframing, mock-up, prototyping(Adobe XD) 


Field Research

The final project for Discovery and Invention course was to design an intervention for a practice. The practice that I chose was Herbalism, which is the process of creating herbal medicines. During the workshop, I found documentation extremely important. I had to constantly take pictures of materials and write ingredients to keep track of materials to create. Also, after finishing a medicine we had to give it a lot number that would correspond to the documentation that was written. This is important if any allergic reactions or expirations with materials occur. 




After attending the course I created several sketches inspired by journal apps. The goal was to create a space where herbalist could take pictures and write down the process. In the session, it was also an emphasis on sharing information with other herbalists, so I wanted to create a place where dialogue could occur among individuals in the field. 




Based on the sketches I developed a series of wireframes in the form of apps (in Adobe XD) that visualize the process.





A sign-in page for individuals to easily create an account with social media page or email

This page was the main menu that allowed people to document, find resources on herbalism, history of documents created, or favorite recipes

The screen that allows individuals to document the process 

Favorites page allows the user to create a page of resources from articles, to recipes, or other materials

The app keeps a list of every  documentation that is created

Based on the documentation that is implemented in the app. A label is generated that can be placed on the herbal jar. 


Overall it was important in this process to create an app that did not add more work to the overall process of documenting. In the next phase, I would make changes to the layout that would allow herbalist to have the option to voice record or write the ingredients of the medicines. The interface would also change removing the boxes to having space where herbalist could also take pictures or insert drawing. Incorporating those changes would have a greater impact on the practice of herbalism. 



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